Wednesday, February 09, 2005

How Do You Feel?

Are you feeling good or bad? Now, we can gage feelings on a global scale with this handy website. Participate and incorporate your feelings into the global mood

don't forget to check out the fAQ section with links to global mood graphs of previous years (like the one pictured for 2004). Plenty to contemplate in those graphs.

This project is an extension of an earlier project done by Dellbrügge and de Moll in which, according to Target:
The online version springs from an earlier project realized in a public space. In a Berlin residential building, a “feeler” was situated in each apartment with which the inhabitants could express their moods (good or bad) by pressing a button. The results were made visible in the lobby and on the building’s southern facade where two large icons displayed the “building’s state of mind.”

Sadly, the writer omitted mention of the title of this piece and an online search has, so far, not produced it. Also, sadly, most of links brought up are in German which I can't read.

If anyone out there can identify this building project, let me know. I would love to see some documentation.


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