Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Cheap Cam Solution

Last year, I was using a lowend usb webcam to gather material in my art (non)practice. At the time, I was on a friend's old pc and had no problem connecting with it to yahoo chat.

Now, here in my room, on my little iMac G3 running Panther, I'm having problems. Thanks to a article, I just may be up and running again!

It required the purchase of a driver from IOXperts at $20 US and the wonderful little iChatUSBCam module which is a steal at $10 (no, I'm not affiliated with either of these companies). My cam is now recognizing my computer and I've been able to run it on iChat. I'm quite pleased.

One problem I'm having, however, is in my attempts at connecting to yahoo messenger. I can open my cam but when I close it, I unexpectedly quit. Haven't tried chatting with it yet. That's my next project.

I've been up half of the night working on this setup and, while I still have some problems to iron out, it's nice to make headway.

If anyone out there has used this setup in yahoo on a mac, feel free to help out!


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