Thursday, February 24, 2005

Art and Conversation

From kuenselonline today, I read about the Art of Conversation:
It is rather one of the highest manifestations of human intelligence, the ability to convey images from one mind to another and to build a mutual edifice of ideas.
I wonder how many true conversations I have engaged in over the years... Were they meaningful? The late night, post opening pub gathering has always been my favorite venue for verbal exchanges.

The one purpose of art, for me, is that it offers a jumping off point for conversation. The works that I view while out gallery hopping with my friends become a shared experience that precipitates the emergence of evolving ideas loosely connected to the initial questions brought on by the work. It gives me an excuse to connect to other bodies.

Narrative is important to me. The story of any particular project will always include the story of the weather on the day that I went, travel to and from, the intertextual readings of various shows viewed on the same afternoon, the ordering of the viewings dictated by geography.


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