Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Alex Bag and the Time Traveller

Many thanks to James L. for letting me know where to find Alex Bag's latest shows.
If you are in NYC anytime very soon, you can catch a 2k4 piece of hers called Gladia Daters at Elizabeth Dee Gallery ( I watched a good 8 minutes of the piece, which is done in her typical super low-budget rough-craft theatrical style. It follows the structure of a reality dating show. Unfortunately, I was pressed for time and had to leave when the characters started doing body shots from Alex's character's tracheotomy scar. Pretty crass and very Alex Bag.

I also saw a recent video this past fall at the now defunct American Fine Art, Co. in a show dealing loosely with American democracy. The bit that I did see had her and a male character parodying the nightvision segments of the famous Paris Hilton video. I don't recall the title of this piece though.

I went to the gallery site and saw images from an installation but, sadly, no text documentation. Also, curiously, the promoted Alex Bag show has yet to occur. Has James travelled from the future to deliver this important piece of information to me? I hope I haven't changed the future with this post. The space/time thing can be so finnicky.

2/28/04 - 3/27/04
Alex Bag The Coven Services for Consumer Mesmerism, Product Sorcery, and the Necromantic Reimagination of Consumption


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