Saturday, January 29, 2005

Visible Man

More on Mike Hoolboom's show at York U:

Detail of still from Imitations of Life, 2003
Works distributed by Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre and Vtape, Toronto.

I've been watching his online presentation of imitations of life. I'm glad that the site includes the text from the video so that I can go over it and over it.
We come to the end
Of the picture world
A world
Where we are also pictures

Do you suppose that (sooner) all computers will come equipped with built in webcams? Or that (later) homes will be terminals continually hooked up to the web, each home a hyperlink?

I believe that the sitcom is communal. That tv is communal. We are not connected in the way that movie theatre patrons are connected: bodily, by interlocking seats in a darkened room, breathing each other's exhalations. We are connected by the TV Guide. We are a cult following, a fan fic, a tshirt.

My friend and I like to watch television together, on the phone. We comment on the plots, the jokes, the outfits and haircuts. We are re-runs of Friends.


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