Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Round Two?

Stu Smailes died in 2002 leaving one million dollars to the city of Seattle for the erection of a public fountain featuring one or more male nudes.

According to court documents, the bequest is to be used exclusively for "designing, constructing and maintaining a fountain or fountains located within the city of Seattle. The fountain(s) shall include one or more unclothed, life-size male figure(s) designed in the classical style, i.e.: realistic... (Seattle Times)

In today's puritanical environment, this is big news. Because I am not a puritan, this is not big news. What is noteworthy is the city's choice of artist.

Louise Bourgeois, has been selected to make the fountain/statue, due to be finished in 2006 for the opening of the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park, currently under construction. Bourgeois is an internationally acclaimed artist with a long and prolific career. It is rather curious that she would choose this project as it is not her usual fare. It will certainly be interesting to see how she fulfills the requirements. According to reports:

Her initial design features a father and son facing each other. Water plays over the surface of one body and then the other. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Is it just me or do you see another "bone of contention" for an overly sensitive public in that description? Seattle, take care. The contracts aren't signed yet and the locals just got the heads up.


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