Saturday, January 29, 2005


Imagine my surprise. The Do It website is still active.

Do It is a manual project in which various artists provide instructions for fluxus projects to be realized by the viewer/participant.

I first heard about this project when I attended a talk given by Hans Ulrich Obrist at The Power Plant way back in 1998 (or was it '97?) Anyway, I thought he was fabulous. He talked about his unconventional curatorial projects in his abrupt, patriarchal way, and I was hooked.

That year, I had to do a presentation on a contemporary artist that I thought was making an impact on the art scene and I chose Obrist. You may discover, as I did then, that, if you click on his name on the Do It website, his email comes up. So, I sent him an email, telling him of my ingenious decision to use him - a curator - in a presentation concerning artists.

Obrist was delighted. We sent several emails back and forth and filled me in on little known details and was generally enjoying my barely contained adulation. I felt almost famous.

A friend of mine was working at the Power Plant as an intern and she filled me in on a tidbit that Hans forgot to mention. It seems that, while he was at the gallery, he placed several long and expensive phonecalls to Europe which weren't discovered until later. My friend recalls hearing an irritated Philip Monk exclaiming "Obrist!", quite heatedly, when he received the bill.

But I digress.

Do It is a fantastic printer project! Bring some international art to your home today!


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