Friday, January 28, 2005

The Invisible Man

I took simpleposie's suggestion and visited the Art Gallery York University blog where I found a conversation between Mike Hoolboom and Philip Monk:

Many who see my work are committed, like me, to forgetting. My work is necessary, as part of an alternative axis of forgetting. Some are committed to this project of collective amnesia via keen attention to reality television, sports or sitcoms. Others prefer artist’s films and videos which offer them a different kind of solitary. The difference between the two is subtle but distinctive. Television produces forgetting based on a cruel and violent loneliness. Artist’s work produces forgetting based on a communal loneliness.(Hoolboom)
I don't know if I buy that. What do you think?

Hoolboom is currently showing The Invisible Man at the AGYU (until Sunday).
See a video of his Imitations of Life, 2003 here.


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