Saturday, January 29, 2005

If You Like This, You'll Love that!

Below is a re-reblog of an entire entry on Eyebeam reBlog:
Smart search lets art fans browse

BT develops a new search system for Tate's galleries that will help art lovers track down works they like.


Rather than search by the name of an artist or painting, users are shown a selection of pictures.

Clicking on their favourite will change the gallery in front of them to a selection of similar works.

It's interesting that the Tate is playing with an idea that until now has mostly been used by Amazon and friends to goad you into buying just one more book to get that free shipping... --dr

Originally from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition, ReBlogged by drepetto on Jan 28, 2005 at 11:27 AM

I thought this was very curious. What would the criteria be for decisions based on similarity? Will it be by artist? Period? Genre? Materials? Price range? Will they be ordered chronologically? Will they be grouped according to size?

Amazon indeed. Wouldn't it be great if, like Amazon, you could rate the works and offer your own feedback? Create lists of favorites according to your own ordering system? You could view works based on fuzzybear13's list of Tate favs. Now that might be something!


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