Thursday, January 20, 2005

I Heart Art

In an article from the UK's Telegraph concerning the current penchant of the wealthy for contemporary art, Anna Somers-Cocks is quoted as saying,"In order to spend lots of money on art, you've got to be able to feel you can renew your source of wealth."

In all of the talk in the art blogs lately about making art affordable and democratic, etc., I couldn't help thinking about why I don't buy art.

I often fantasize about having an enviable collection of art treasures. Oddly enough, I don't fantasize about acquiring works that I could actually acquire.

Why do you suppose people who "can't afford art" are able to rack up their visa bills on a fabulous jacket or a kickass sound system?

I think that art is still very much about the artist/genious and, of course, about money.

Which would you rather have? A terrific, inexpensive piece from an emerging unknown or a costly one from your art idol (you know you have one)?

I wonder if the rich art collectors from the Telegraph article would "love" what they bought if it was inexpensive and readily available.

I think that art can be many things to many people, but at the sale, it is and always was, a status symbol.


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