Sunday, January 30, 2005

Cyborg Addon

I saw these browsing through a magazine the other day. Not as good as an implant, but it's a start. I really like the advertising for the product too.
If having your eyes glued to your camcorder so you won't "miss" anything isn't your idea of fun, finally, there's a recording device that gives you the freedom to participate in the fun.

* Wearable 'hands-free' digital video- be part of the action.

* You're never unprepared for those special moments.

*No more bags- No more guilt- "I missed that one." Comfortable, easy to use event based digital video.

*With the Camwear Model 100 and its patented “after-the-fact” recording you'll NEVER miss that special moment.

I was there and yet, I missed it. I am riddled with guilt. I want to be a camera.


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