Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Artocracy's idea of printer art

I must say, I was disappointed after reading the article in Tuesday's Seattle Post-Intelligencer concerning the launching of an online gallery which sells downloads to print.

Artocracy.og founder, Megan Murphy, claims to have chosen artists who have "thought about the digital delivery" but, looking through the works on offer, I'm inclined to disagree.

Most of the works shown are images "of" art objects rather than the objects themselves. Whether these images are of actual painting or imitations of paintings by some clever program is immaterial. The buyer will be purchasing a print that they have to make and tile themselves. If the buyer wishes to have a print, they are free to go to any department store and pick one up, complete with frame in some cases, at similar cost.

This is not to say printer art has no place. I feel it has a very important place in the realm of the artist's multiple. Art as product, mass produced, logo laden, socially relevant, is hot and highly collectible. I'll be on the lookout for downloads that make sense. Email me if you find some.


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